Ocean Fun
1. Go snorkeling with the friendly sea lions at Seal Island
2. Take a fishing trip and eat fish tacos on Gary's Fishing Excursions
3. Go snorkeling in the Aquarium Cove on Gary's Snorkeling Trips
4. Take a Gary's Fishing and Snorkeling Combo trip and eat fish tacos and go snorkeling in the Aquarium Cove
5. If you're certified, make a local scuba dive at Catalina Cove or Window Rock on Gary's Scuba Trips
6. Go fishing for a trophy billfish from May through October with Gary's Fishing Charters
7. Go on a afternoon Bay Cruise and see the caves at Punta Doble on Gary's Bay Excursions
8. If you're certified AOW, make a scuba dive at one of the sea mounts on Gary's Scuba Trips
9. If you're certified, make a scuba dive at Seal Island with Gary's
10. Take a Discover Scuba class with Gary's Dive Shop
11. Take a four day Scuba Certification class with Gary's Dive Shop
12. Go on a Sunset Bay Cruise with Gary's
13. Go kayaking around the coves and caves with El Mar
14. Swim with the porpoises at Condos Pilar
15. Explore and snorkel in Zorro Cove

San Carlos Fun
16. Go beach combing down the undeveloped three mile long San Francisco Beach
17. Check your e-mail, surf the internet or make internet phone calls at Gary's Internet Connection
18. Go golfing at San Carlos Country Club
19. Play tennis at San Carlos Country Club
20. Buy original Seri Indian Ironwood carvings and silver at the Casa de Palo Fierro and meet Sal
21. Create your own original "T" shirts at Zurdo's in Gary's building and meet José
22. Ask José how to get to Nacapule Canyon and go see it.
23. Shop for original oil paintings and sculptures at the Galeria and meet Burke and Pilar
24. Shop for original silver pieces and art from the south of Mexico at Sagitarios and meet Terry
25. Get a relaxing massage or facial at the San Carlos Wellness Center and meet Nancy
26. Get a manicure or pedicure with Ana María
27. Eat fine Italian food at Piccolo restaurant and meet Magua
28. Rent a horse at Club Med with Astrid and ride on the beach or through the desert
29. Hike the trail at Club Deportivo
30. Go mountain biking in the desert with El Mar
31. Go running down San Francisco Beach or walking down San Carlos Main Street sidewalk
32. Go to the Fiesta Mexicana at the San Carlos Plaza every Tuesday
33. Go rent some motor scooters (mo-peds) at San Carlos Grill and tool around town
34. Go on a Desert Jeep Tour with Luke
35. Go meet native fishermen at the three fishing villages: The Bay, El Tomate and La Manga
36. Explore Catch 22 Movie set airstrip and ruins
37. Take a tour to Las Barajitas Canyon
38. See the waterfalls and Ojo de Agua on Luke's Desert Jeep Tour
39. Eat a huge Mexican food combination plate at Tequila's, El Mirador, San Carlos Plaza or Jax Snax
40. Check out the view at the Mirador Scenic Look-out
41. Climb TetaKawi mountain
42. See the beautiful homes on the Caracol Peninsula
43. Browse around the San Carlos Marina Shops and Restaurants and Yacht Club
44. Watch sporting events on TVs at Tequila's, Casino's, or Marina Cantina
45. Go eat some oysters at the Oyster Farm
46. Go to the Fiesta Mexicana at Plaza Las Glorias Hotel every Friday (when available)
47. Go Square Dancing at the Club Deportivo (winter)
48. Go to the Arts, Pottery and Ceramic classes at the Club Deportivo (winter)
49. Go bowling at the San Carlos Bowl, next to Los Jitos

Guaymas Fun
50. Go see the historic Guaymas City Hall
51. Go see the historic Guaymas City Jail being converted into a museum
52. Go tour the Guaymas House of Culture
53. See the Plaza of the Three Presidents of Mexico who were born in Guaymas
54. Go shopping in the Guaymas Municipal Open Market
55. Go shopping at the famous La Casona, with one of the largest shell collections in the area
56. Go see the San Fernando Church and Moorish Gazebo
57. See the Fisherman's Monument and Plaza
58. Go to Paraje Viejo and see the sardine cannery, the sardine flour plant and the giant squid processing plant
59. Go buy some fresh fish at Castro's Fish Market on the Guaymas waterfront
60. See huge shrimp boats built and repaired at the Guaymas shipyards
61. Go shopping at Plaza Ley (owned by Safeway) and get your film developed in one hour
62. Eat American food at McDonald's, Domino's Pizza or Pizza Hut and rent a movie at Blockbuster
63. Take a tour of the Marine Institute and the Pearls of the Sea of Cortez facility
64. Visit the Guaymas Harbor, the largest on the west coast of Mexico, and see huge ocean-going freighters load and unload petroleum products, grains and auto parts
65. See where the Battle of Liberation of Guaymas from the French was fought
66. Take a walking tour of the Guaymas waterfront (El Malecon)
67. Take a trek up the 2000' high La Vigia Mountain
68. Take a Ferry Boat ride to Santa Rosalía and see the church that Gustav Eiffel (Eiffel Tower) built (check schedule)
69. Go take a tour of the historic village of San José de Guaymas
70. Explore the Orange Orchard Hacienda
71. See the Cactus Forest and the Sahuayo cactus found only here
72. Tour the city of Empalme, including the train round-house and city market
73. Tour the 25 factories with over 10,000 workers at Maquila TetaKawi
74. See the old NASA Tracking Station remains
75. See the native Indian fishermen at Las Guasimas
76. See the farm-fresh produce at Cruz de Piedra

Cd. Obregon - Alamos Fun
77. Go shopping at the Obregon Municipal Market
78. See the large wheat production and storage at Obregon
79. See the Modelo Brewery (owned by Budweiser) at Obregon
80. See the famous original Tecate Brewery in Navojoa, one of the largest and oldest in Mexico
81. Take a walking guided Alamos City Tour
82. Tour the Alamos Historical Museum
83. Tour the Alamos Jail and buy handmade items
84. See jewelry being hand made from silver ore mined and smelted in Alamos
85. Shop in the historic city of Alamos
86. Tour the Oviachic Dam and lake, just outside of Alamos, and fish for bass
87. Go white-wing dove hunting with Hot Barrel Hunts
88. Go hunt for deer with Jerry Crider

Hermosillo - Kino Fun
89. Go see the Cave Paintings in La Pintada
90. See the historic Governor's Palace, recently remodeled Plaza with Moorish Gazebo and Cathedral in Hermosillo
91. Tour the Sonora Regional Museum at the Old Hermosillo Jail
92. Tour the Ecological WildLife Habitat in Hermosillo
93. Tour the Ford Automobile factory in Hermosillo, where they produce over 500,000 cars for export to the US each year
94. Go shopping at Sam's Club, Costco or WalMart
95. Take in a movie at either of the Cinemark theatres, the Cinepolis movie theater or the Soriana movie theater.
96. Go shopping at the Hermosillo Market
97. Tour the Pedro Domecq winery
98. Visit the University of Sonora Museum (the Mummy from Yecora is there)
99. See the wine-producing region between Hermosillo and Kino
100. Tour the towns of Old and New Kino Bay and eat seafood at the Marlin Restaurant
101. See the Seri Indians hand-making ironwood carvings, shell necklaces and weaving baskets in Old Kino Bay

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